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Cabbing machine 6 wheeler 200mm/8"


$2899.00 inc GST

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This Cabbing Machine consists of 1"stainless steel shafts and ball earings, 7pcs Aluminums Spacers, Flanges and locknut. It also has a 3/4HP Thermal protected ball bearing motor. the cover is made from 304 stainless steel.The Cover has two U-Slots for easy removal.  The shaft is tapped for a ¼-20 spin-on polish head at right ends and tapped for a 1/2” Aluminum lap or Diamond Facet Laps at left ends. Can accept silicon carbide, diamond wheels or rubber expandable drums.


  1. Durable, direct drive 3/4HP, 1800RPM 220V motor
  2. Independently controlled drip water cooling system
  3. Stainless steel, removable, independent hood.
  4. Rust free, easy to clean, drip pans can be set up for forward or rear drainage
  5. Separate Mute submersible water pump
  6. Water drainage system to eliminate constantly draining drip pan
  7. Versatile shaft which can accept a variety of 1" arbor wheels
  8. 1 year warranty on machine and motor

Included are the following wheels and Flat-laps:

       8”x1.5”80GRIT DIAMOND WHEEL
       8”1.5”200GRIT DIAMOND WHEEL
       8”x1.5”280GRIT SOFT WHEEL
       8”x1.5”600GRIT SOFT WHEEL
       8”x1.5”1200GRIT SOFT WHEEL
       8”x1.5”3000GRIT SOFT WHEEL
       8”x1/2”360GRIT DIAMOND LAP
       8” 14000 DIAMOND SOFT LAP
       8" ¼ -20 SCREW BACK LAP

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