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Precision LP Gas Torch 

More than 10,000 Torches sold in Germany  alone.

 This versatile and reliable Propane – Butane torch is designed for professional jewellers, suitable for very fine soldering, brazing, annealing, melting. If used with MAPP(Razor gas) it produces even higher temperatures.

An extra hot oxygen assisted flame, as the micro welding torch offers, is only necessary for welding applications, melting palladium or platinum, alloying palladium- whitegold and brazing steel.

Remarkable Long Life due to high pressure hoses and well known German quality workmanship.

Its hand piece is almost identical to the micro welding torch and weighs only 105g!

According to German Safety Standard DIN –DVGW the use of a regulator is required.

The complete set includes:      


1 Precision LP Gas Torch


Rosebud tips No 1+2


2 metres of high-pressure hose

Rosebud tip No 3 for melting


Precision LPGas Torch - Advantages


Hot enough for melting and alloying of silver and gold.


Precise, steady flame for soldering.


With larger rosebud tip possible to anneal large areas with ease.

How to set up and operate your Precision LP Gas Torch:

  1.  Just connect to a regulator or directly to your small gas cylinder, which should be at a distance of at least 1m to the torch, and set the pressure between 400 KPa-600 KPa.

  2. Screw on tightly the required rosebud tip.

  3.  Check for leaks by applying soapy water around all connections and start working:

  4. Open the main gas bottle valve slowly, the red screw valve slightly and ignite in front of tip, pointing away from any flammable objects.

  5. Regulate flame size with the red screw valve or adjust pilot flame with the red valve and release full pressure by pressing the brass knob.

  6. Before leaving the workshop shut the valves of torch and gas bottle.

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