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Micro Welding Torch + seperate melting tips and gooseneck


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Germanys latest Micro Welding torch
the 'All in One Soldering Torch
designed to suit your needs.


Uses all types of Fuel gases: MAPP (Razor gas), Acetylene, Hydrogen, LPGas and others in combination with Oxygen.


Due to its construction and the use of high pressure hoses it accepts oxygen pressures from 80 kPa up to 400 kPa and can produce high temperatures e.g.: reaches about 2600°C, when used with oxygen & LPGas. It is very reliable, easy to use and offers remarkable Long Life of well known German quality workmanship.


Great for demanding applications, delicate soldering (retipping prongs), heavy silver work, welding and melting, as required for Jewellery, Dental and Optical Industies.

The complete set includes:


1 Micro welding torch


2 metres of colour coded high-pressure hoses
 blue for Oxygen and red for Fuel gas.


 1 separate gooseneck with 3 screw on tips for heavy work and melting.


12 steel tips for Hydrogen or LPG use.
designed for easy and quick tip change
without spanner - just push on.

Thread size for oxygen 5/8 UNF right 11.0
Thread size for gas 5/8 UNF left 11.0

Micro Welding Torch Advantages:



Goose necks with rubber seals.


High pressure hoses. Due to variable Oxygen pressure 80 KPa - 400 KPa are higher temperatures possible.


Easy tip change, no tools required, simply push on.


Change to second goose neck (use of 3 bigger rosebud tips) without spanner, only for change of rosebud tips themselves spanner required.

Very precise, accurate and steady flame, perfect for soldering on delicate spots as well as large areas and melting.

 How to set up and operate your Micro Welding Torch

1.  Connect the blue hose via flashback fuse to the oxygen regulator. Tighten with a spanner. Never bring any oxygen equipment in contact with grease or oil! Danger of explosion.

2.  Connect the red hose via flashback fuse to the fuel gas regulator. Tighten with a spanner.

3.  Shut at the Micro welding torch the oxygen and the fuel gas valve.

4.  Attach the required tip to your Micro welding torch.

5.  Open valve at oxygen cylinder and set the pressure between 80 KPa and 400 KPa, depending on the type of work and tip used. When using the large goose neck and tips, increase the oxygen pressure to at least 150KPA to prevent heat build-up in the goose neck. Do not increase LP Gas Pressure.

6.  Open valve at fuel gas (LP Gas) cylinder and set the pressure at 80 KPa.

7.  Check for leaks by applying soapy water around all connections.

8.  Make sure that the blue oxygen valve at the Micro welding torch is closed before igniting.

9.  Open the red fuel gas valve at the torch and ignite.

10. Open slowly the blue oxygen valve at the torch and carefully adjust the flame by feeding in oxygen and start working.

11. Always shut first the blue oxygen valve at the torch and then the red fuel gas valve at the torch.

12. Before leaving the workshop shut the oxygen cylinder valve and the fuel gas cylinder valve.

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